Tuesday, 1 February 2011

01.02. Visitor statistics

Hello to you, whoever you are; either a brand new visitor to my blog, or someone who has been here regularly the last month :-) My blog has been up and running for exactly one month. Yeahh! And I said for years I would never get a blog because A: I didn’t think my English was good enough to write for strangers and B: I didn’t think I had enough things to say to make regular posts. Well, I can’t really judge the first one, if I know I have made a mistake, I correct it, it’s the mistakes I don’t know I have made that makes it through to my posts! You might sit here on a daily basis and be really annoyed about my grammar...or maybe not, perhaps you think it doesn’t really matter, it’s OK, as long as you understand the meaning...whatever you think; I decided to throw the perfectionist overboard for a while and give it a go! I haven’t had any complaints about my English so far, so perhaps it’s “passable”?
As for the second reason why I hesitated starting a blog, about finding new topics to write about, well, that hasn’t been a problem yet, I keep getting new ideas in the most peculiar situations, so now I have started writing them down so I can remember what my ideas were when I sit down to write my posts. Oh yeah, my memory isn’t what it once was, I have to rely on pen and paper for the most basic things. I usually remember things I have written down, or I remember that I have written down something, but not always what I wrote down, just that it was something important, so as long as I can remember where I put that bloody piece of paper where I wrote the message...then I’m just fine!

So, one month of blogging, 20 different posts with quite a range of topics. But who read all those posts?? Have a look here, Blogspot has a very nice statistics service and on this one the visitors are broken down into which country they came from. I am not counted when I visit and work on the blog, as the owner of the blog, so I can’t increase the statistics to make it look better, just so you know :-) I find the ones from United Arab Emirates and South Africa particular intriguing; I wonder who they are and how they landed on my blog! Some of the other countries are more understandable, although I am quite sure I don’t know anyone in Singapore :-) I do however have a sizeable amount of visitors to my web-site from the United States, and there is a link to my blog from the main menu on my web-site, so the Americans are probably coming via my web-site.

So whether you are here for the very first time, or you have been here many times the previous month, thanks for visiting, I appreciate every one of you reading my small rants and tirades about this, that and the other and my anecdotes from my garden. Not forgetting my cat of course! Speaking of which, I haven’t posted a picture of him for many days now, so you are in for a treat today; I got two! It was a glorious day yesterday, January really went off with a beautiful sunny day, although a bit chilly. I was a couple hours in the garden potting some bulbs and corms I bought last Friday, not a minute too soon it turned out as the bulbs were sprouting like mad already.

I put them in pots and make sure they are really good, healthy plants before planting them in the beds, rather than putting them straight in the ground - it usually means less loss of bulbs and corms. The downside is that pots need careful attention in dry weather, so they don’t die of thirst. And whilst I was potting my cat enjoyed the bleak winter sunshine :-) I just had to go and get my camera, he was so cute lying there in the sun. Bye the way, did you know that you can click on all the photos in my posts and get a larger version of the images? Just telling you, in case you didn’t know. Perhaps I should have told you a month ago, but better late than never! So, all the photos have a larger version, when you click on them you need to use the Back-button in the top-left corner to get back to the post you were reading. The photos of my cat looks even better in the large version :-)

Today’s post is going to be rather short, not much longer than this I think! I have spent most of today at Royal London Hospital, first driving around for a parking space, and then waiting for ages to see the doctor. It’s been a long day, I need to put my feet up and do absolutely nothing. See you around, take care.

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