Sunday, 28 August 2011

28.08. Under the stars

Hello again, tonight I got some quite spectacular photos for you, no plants or flowers in sight, promise :-) You see, every August Bank Holiday, Newham Council has a 4 days event in my local park called ‘Under The Stars’, and the 4th  day, the Sunday – today, the event is rounded up with an amazing classical concert by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. So first we have to endure an evening with modern jazz, on the Thursday, and then on the Friday evening it is different kinds of Asian music, Saturday the theme can vary, this year it was ‘Newham Rocks You’…but I think they had dug up some really old rockers…perhaps a bit too old ones, they didn’t rock me, what I heard of it anyway.

You see, I can’t get to the park; the park starts only two blocks from my house, but the concerts are played on a scene at the other end of the park, a very long walk for me. You can drive there, and hope that there would still be some disabled parking spaces left, although you have to be very early to have a chance at all to get one, but there is still a fair walk from the disabled parking spaces through to the area where the seating is arranged. So I haven’t been to any of the concerts since 2005, a shame, since all of them are free :-) The only one I really would have liked to go to would have been the classical concert, but I kind of went to it anyway tonight, in my garden! The volume is so high that as long as it isn’t terribly windy I can hear everything quite well from my garden, and I even get the fireworks display from the steps at my backdoor.

This is what Newham Council wrote on their web-site about tonight’s concert: The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will once again dazzle with a selection of popular light classics. This year's concert will feature well known film music including themes from Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. There will also be rousing flag waving to Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory, all topped off with a spectacular firework finale.

I can’t give you a recording of the concert, but I did take some photos of the fireworks. Before it got dark, the sunset was amazing and the sky put on its own set of colours, so this little slideshow starts with the sunset. To view the photos, hold your mouse over the right side of the picture to go forward and over the left side to backwards. To start from the beginning, reload the page.

That’s it for tonight, short and sweet, but I will be back tomorrow with the rest of the photos from last week-end, as I had too many to put in one post back then. The week has just gone too quickly for me, can’t believe it was a whole week ago that I wrote I was going to get back soon with the rest of the photos. Well, this time I am making a promise, I will be back tomorrow :-) See you then!

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