Wednesday, 4 May 2011

04.05. Plants for my gardens

It’s been another great day for gardening! I have finally got the money transfer from the house owner next door, so now there is gravel, bark and compost for the new garden ordered. It will be delivered next Monday, and after all of it is spread where it is supposed to go, the fun part of this project starts: the planting!

I have been taking cuttings, dividing and digging up and splitting plants for weeks now, making a great collection of plants for next door garden. I also have quite a few mature plants which I didn’t have room to plant in my own garden so they have just been in pots, and I have decided that they also can go next door. In this photo you can see some of the plants lined up along the path, there are 42 pots all together. There are plants both for the sunny flowerbed and for the shady flowerbed.

My garden looks a bit like a nursery at the moment, here are the rest of the plants, 96 pots in total! These plants are a mix of seedlings and divisions from my garden, and annual bedding plants I have just bought and potted on. I will keep some of the bedding plants for myself, perhaps half of them; the rest will go in the next door garden when I have had my delivery of compost and bark etc. I am also waiting for a delivery of plants I have bought online, some evergreen plants which will give colour to the garden all year round. I am especially looking forward to receiving one plant in particular, which I have bought 2 of; one for next door and one for myself. It is a Chinese Fringe Bush, Loropetalum chinense 'Black Pearl'. I have never seen it before, only on pictures on the Internet, it looks spectacular in flower – which happens in early spring, but being an evergreen it also keeps its leaves all year round. I look forward to seeing how it develops; you will be kept duly informed of course!

So what about my own garden then? Well, here it is, lots of things happening right now :-) The roses have lots of buds and a few flowers out here and there, it’s a bit early for my planned walk-in-the-garden film, but when the roses are properly out in a few weeks time, I will make another film. I ordered more logrolls like I have used next door, they arrived today, and the next on the plan is to make a border around the whole of the central bed using logrolls. That bed has never had an edge at all, so it is about time. I will make the bed slightly longer on each end, and I am planning a nice feature at the front. You will have to wait and see what that is ….so, tomorrow it is back to staining logrolls again, I guess! It’s great doing this whilst we have such a nice weather, but Friday I am off to the hospital again, and Saturday, Sunday and Monday we can expect some rain according to the forecast. I’ll believe it when I see it….we really could do with 3 days of rain, but it would be typical if, after 3 months with no rain at all, we get rain right when I want to stain the logrolls….oh well, it might be just a drizzle for a few minutes :-)

Tonight’s post is not going to be a long one, I am knackered after being outside all day. And I haven’t got that many photos for you today either so I thought I would just finish with another one of my cat which I took the other day, same day as the photo I used on the 30th April. Isn’t he sweet? He is lounging in my lap, something he does every evening when I watch TV. Well, you are up-to-date with my gardens, until next time, take care.

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