Monday, 30 May 2011

30.05. Filming next door

Hello, just a short post today, another movie from my garden. This time I have also filmed the new garden next door, as I am finally finished with planting there. The film was done yesterday, on a blustery day with very little sunshine – it looks colder than it actually was. The film starts in my garden, then moves over to the garden next door and ends back in my garden. You can view this film in HD if you have a good enough download speed, click on settings and choose 720p and also try to view in full screen. If that gets interrupted try a lower setting or view in the small frame. If you get any annoying ads, just click the X inside the ad and it will disappear. The music is a bit quiet, that’s YouTube’s fault, not mine….not sure what to do about that except asking my viewers to turn up their speakers! If you wonder what you are hearing; it’s Clair de Lune by Debussy.

Now you’ve seen what I have been doing the last 3 months :-) I have had great fun! There will be a new tenant in the house pretty soon, maybe next week already, and I do wonder who will be moving in and if they will be interested in the garden. I am still going to take care of the garden, but if someone with football playing children and a large dog happen to move in, the garden could be ruined the first day of arrival. I am looking forward to the new neighbour moving in with a mix of trepidation and enthusiasm….

That’s it for today, more photos tomorrow I hope, I just wanted to show you the film today. See you soon, take care.

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