Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18.05. New fence!

Hi, just a short update for you, I am so busy! I have a few pictures for you though, so I thought I should post them at least, so you can keep up with what’s happening these days.

The garden next door has got a new fence! No more next-door-dog trying to escape :-) They bought a solid and high fence, because of the dog, good for the dog…but more for me to paint! I made a start on staining the fence tonight, but don’t you think it started raining!!! We haven’t had any rain for more than 3 months, except 2 hours when it was thundering some weeks ago, and then I start staining the fence and what happens? It rains! At first it was just a tiny drizzle, so I just continued, thinking it wouldn’t amount to much, but after a while it really started to come down so I packed it in and gave up for the evening. Mind you, when I was outside with some rubbish when cooking dinner it had stopped raining, and the pavement was dry, so it can’t have been raining for very long. Just long enough to stop me from painting…

But look here, this bed is almost done; it’s got bark and everything :-) I am putting in another couple of plants later on, but the difficulty of making a garden like this from scratch is that it is tempting to fill the beds up so they look full now. If I did that I would need to start taking plants OUT by next year or the year after. It has to be a bit of a compromise, not too many but more plants than planting for a fully mature garden. When this bed is fully mature, in 15-20 years, it will be too cramped and some of the plants will have been taken out. But 15-20 years is a long time, so in the mean time some of these plants are great for filling in.

And here is the garden, front view. Next time you see it I hope the fence on the right side will be dark brown. It is not supposed to rain tomorrow, so I will try to do a bit of painting in between everything else I am trying to get done. I suppose I might just as well announce it now…as if you are a regular visitor, you will soon discover that I will be off here for a while anyway…I am going into hospital to have a hip replacement operation, leaving on the 20th June, so there will be a break in my postings here until I am back home and well enough to sit up with my laptop. But there are so many things to sort out before then, and the weeks are flying…less than 5 weeks left now.

OK, I told you this post would be short…this is it I am afraid, more next time, promise! Take care.

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