Friday, 20 May 2011

20.05. My Garden in May

Hello, I thought I had posted my shortest post yesterday, but here is an even shorter post! Well, at least in terms of words, but I hope the video I have made of my garden can make up for the lack of written material. The video is very long, sorry about that! But honestly, I have already cut away two third of what I filmed, and it pains me, every minute I have to delete, my garden looks so lovely right now I want to show you everything!

I have made this film with an ordinary digital camera, nothing fancy, I think my camera costs around £150 right now, and the film feature is obviously not the main feature of the camera; it is not a video camera it is a photography camera. Still, I think the films I manage to get from this camera are reasonably good, the only really annoying thing is that the camera doesn’t re-focus after zooming, so once I have set it to one distance, I have to keep filming at that distance, or stop the camera, focus again and then start another film. OK, time for you to see my garden, the film is just over 7 minutes long, any annoying ads coming up, just click the X inside the ad and it will go away. This video is saved in a good quality and can be viewed in a larger screen than within my blog. Try to click the ‘Full Screen’ button in the bottom right corner of the movie (press Escape when finished). You can also choose a higher resolution by clicking on the settings in the bottom right corner. Choose 720p for example, if your Internet connection is fast enough.

Next movie will be of the garden next door, I still got lots to do before it’s finished so it will be another week or two before the garden is presentable….but I am getting there. I stained another half panel of garden fence yesterday. Not much for a day’s work you might say, but it is more than enough for me. This is also how I get things done – a bit of work now and then, a day of doing something different in between, then back to doing more work…… always with a good dash of patience!

I am off to the hospital today to see my physiotherapist, a long and tiring day with hospital transport taking me there and bringing me home. I will be leaving around 11 am and recon I’ll be home around 6 pm. No gardening or painting for me today then!…See you soon, take care.

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