Thursday, 12 May 2011

11.05. The new garden

Just a short update today, I have spent the last few days in my gardens – mainly in my new garden. I got the delivery of gravel, compost and bark Monday, which I have been eagerly waiting for, and now I have spread the compost in the beds and laid the weed liner.

The liner is just a thin material that slips water through from above, but prevents weeds from growing, a great invention! Obviously I have to cut out a piece wherever I want to plant something, but with bark on top and close to each plant, most weeds are kept at bay. Now the fun part begins!

Here are all the plants, spread out as they are going to be planted. I have just had a count; there are 96 plants in total, only 24 are bought so far, the rest comes from my garden as cuttings, divisions and seedlings. It sounds so many, 96 plants, but when they are spread out it doesn’t really fill out that well. However, many of these plants are going to grow a lot bigger, some of them will be more than 1 m tall and 1 m across. Other plants will not grow much bigger at all, as they are quite mature already. All this are things I need to consider when planting, so I don’t get overcrowding in one part of the bed and big gaps in other parts of the bed after a few years.

And what about my garden? The dark red roses, Crimson cascade, have started flowering now, they are really beautiful and make a bold statement in the garden. The other roses are not far behind so another week or 10 days maybe, and they will all be flowering.

Today’s post will be short and sweet, it was just to give you an update on what's happening in my gardens right now. More photos next time! Take care.

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