Monday 28 February 2011

28.02. Camellia and daffodil

Hello, I thought I should give you an update about my garden again, I am eagerly patrolling every day to make sure not to miss any important events there :-) Yesterday I found the first camellia open! It is the really important sign of spring and a milestone every year. Some years the daffodils open before the camellia, other years the camellia opens long before the daffodils; I think that air temperature is more important here than ground temperature and a potential frost in the ground. Mind you, some years we don’t even have frost in the ground the whole winter...not this winter though, from mid November to mid January we had frost in

Sunday 27 February 2011

27.02. Tall, short or spot on?

I was at my pharmacy the other day and struck up a conversation with someone there, and I happened to mention someone they knew. They said; yes, she works at so and so, she is the quite tall one, right? That made me think, as I have never thought of her as tall, but then again; everything is relative, right :-) I never think of myself as tall either, and I am 5’9” ...I think of everyone else around me as short! I come from Norway originally, and I am not particularly tall there, in fact I know personally several women in Norway who are taller than me, but when I moved to London I happened to end up in the East End of London where the majority of the people originally are Asian and therefore of a considerably shorter stature than

Thursday 24 February 2011

24.02. Enjoying my garden

I haven't posted anything here for sooo long! If you have been visiting every day, wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to then my apologies; I just haven’t had the time and energy to write anything lately. I have had a lot of hospital visits in between my usual medical problems, so I am afraid writing on my blog came last on the priority list. And it probably will in the future too, but don’t give up just because I skip a week or even longer, I will be back here on my blog as promised :-)

Tuesday 15 February 2011

15.02. Black grass

The builders have moved in! Well, not exactly moved in with me, but the house next door is to be totally renovated and they have just started the process. The builders have been here on and off for the last 10 days, but they seem to only work for an hour or two and then it’s quiet the rest of the day. Unfortunately it seems like they prefer to work in the early mornings... Yesterday morning I woke up at 8:30 with a power drill going off at such a loud noise I just couldn’t sleep through it. At 9 o’clock this morning I had two men chatting to each other whilst hammering on the roof of the extension next door, only 2 feet from my open bedroom window! I closed the window, but it did not make much difference. Fortunately they didn’t

Wednesday 9 February 2011

09.02. Radical pruning

It’s been a lovely weather yesterday and today; 14 degrees this afternoon :-) I have spent both days in the garden trying to get some more jobs done. Today I tackled another job I have dreaded doing for a long time...Have a look at this photo of my garden from today, apart from being rather empty in the beds, as one can expect at this time of year, there are also quite a few evergreen plants dotted around, so that there is “something green” at all times.

Wednesday 2 February 2011

02.02. My cat went missing

Hi, I promised you a few days ago that I would tell you the story about when my cat went missing, so here it is: my cat was born in November 2001 and I got him from a charity together with his sister who unfortunately disappeared in early 2004. My cat was castrated when he was quite young, so his instincts for roaming and fighting disappeared along with other behavioural problems associated with non-castrated cats. He has always been a very loving cat and has never been away from home more than half a day, usually only a few hours at the time. I have a cat flap in my back door, and he is free to come and go as he wants to, day and night. He always calls me when he arrives through the cat flap – as to say “I’m home,

Tuesday 1 February 2011

01.02. Visitor statistics

Hello to you, whoever you are; either a brand new visitor to my blog, or someone who has been here regularly the last month :-) My blog has been up and running for exactly one month. Yeahh! And I said for years I would never get a blog because A: I didn’t think my English was good enough to write for strangers and B: I didn’t think I had enough things to say to make regular posts. Well, I can’t really judge the first one, if I know I have made a mistake, I correct it, it’s the mistakes I don’t know I have made that makes it through to my posts! You might sit here on a daily basis and be really annoyed about my grammar...or maybe not, perhaps you think it doesn’t really matter, it’s OK, as long as you understand the meaning...whatever you think; I decided to throw the perfectionist overboard for a while and give it a go! I haven’t had any complaints about my English so far, so perhaps it’s “passable”?