Friday 30 November 2012

Early bright morning

I am ending November on my blog with a photo I took this morning, just before the sun was getting up – and just before I was getting back to bed again. I have had a 48 hour migraine coming and going and my body clock is thoroughly confused again, I try to sleep as much as I can when I have migraines like that, it’s the only thing to do.

Thursday 15 November 2012

Pink November garden

It was 15 degrees Celsius and a nice and warm day in my garden yesterday, I was out doing a bit of gardening and took the photos for this month’s Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day. Being middle of November and less than 6 weeks till Christmas, I can’t help thinking of those freezing cold and wet days we had in May and June – 15 degrees and a bit of sunshine would have been welcome back then! When I started looking at the photos I had taken yesterday evening I realised that all of them were pink – pink flowers on all the photos! I had not really noticed that when I walked around photographing, but getting them all up on my computer screen, I had my theme for today’s post :-)

Friday 9 November 2012

Winter is looming

Living here in London, it’s not easy to say when winter actually starts. I grew up in Norway and I was 35 when I moved to London, up until then winter was defined by snow on the ground – around 5 months per year, usually from mid October to mid March, although it could snow as late as May. Here in London it rarely snows, some winters not at all, and if it snows it only lays for a few days and that’s it – according to my old definition, winter would come and go in less than a week....