Whenever I visit other people’s blog I see plants I would like to have in my own garden. Often those plants turn out to be totally unsuitable for my tiny London garden, usually because they are way too big or because they require full sun which I don’t have much of, or simply because our winters are too cold. But many of the plants I see photos of or read descriptions about could potentially have a happy life in my garden, if only the garden was twice as big, or three times a big – or ten times as big!

My plant wish-list has become more of a ‘dream-on-list’, but I keep adding to it. Every now and then I actually buy one of these, sometimes I take out a plant that isn’t doing so well and I get an empty space and can go on my list and find a suitable replacement. The list is a great reminder for me as I know at some point I have looked up all these plants and found them suitable for my garden, now they are just waiting for a chance to appear among the hundreds of other plants I have. Maybe you see something you like here too?
Here in Britain we don’t use the USDA Hardiness Zone system but according to the American system, London is zone 9.

Achillea ptarmica 'Perry's White'
Astilbe 'Ellie'
Azalea 'Schneeperle' (Evergreen)
Cimicifuga simplex 'White Pearl'
Clematis 'Hyde Hall' (big flowers)
Kalimeris pinnatifida ‘Hortensis'
Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy'

Rosa ‘Boscobel’ (David Austin)
Rosa ‘Darcey Bussell’ (David Austin)
Rosa 'Duchesse de Montebello' (David Austin)
Rosa 'Prospero' (David Austin)
Rosa 'William Shakespeare 2000' (David Austin)
Rosa 'Tranquility' (David Austin)

Erythronium californicum 'Harvington Snowgoose'
Iris douglasiana (evergreen)
Leucojum aestivum, summer snowflake
Leucojum vernum, spring snowflake
Narcissi 'Butter and Eggs', double 
Narcissi 'Erlicheer'
Narcissi 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation'
Narcissi 'Thalia'
Primula acaulis 'Blueberry Ice' 
Primula acaulis 'Candy Parade'
Primula acaulis 'Sorbet Parade'
Primula acaulis 'Romantic Parade'
Primula acaulis 'Strawberry Ice'
Primula acaulis 'White Parade'
Tulip double 'Viriflor'

Scilla mischtschenkoana
Eranthis hyemalis
Chionodoxa forbesii

Hemerocallis 'Coach's Laughing Eye'
Hemerocallis 'Percival James'
Hemerocallis 'Spacecoast Ojo Rojo'
Hemerocallis 'Texas Big Bend'

Lilium 'Pink Perfection'
Trumpet Lily 'African Queen' (peach)
Lily Auratum 'Gold Band' (white spotted)
Liliy 'Muscadet' oriental (white spotted) Got it!

Gypsophila cerastioides (trailing)
Rhodohypoxis baurii 'Lilly Jean'
Rhodohypoxis confecta
Rhodohypoxis 'Deflexa'
Rhodohypoxis milloides 'Damask'
Saxifraga burseriana Gloria
Saxifraga 'Cloth of Gold'
Saxifraga cochlearis 'Minor'
Saxifraga oppositifolia 'Ruth Draper'
Sedum Spurium
Sedum ussuriense 'Turkish Delight'

Alstroemeria Got it - many!
Asarum canadense
Asarum europaeum
Asarum Maximum Flower
Aquilegias Got it!
Aquilegia 'Purple and white'
Azalea 'Gumbo pink'
Camellia 'Bonomiana'
Camellia 'Debutante'
Camellia sasanqua ‘Winter’s Rose’, dwarf Got it!
Clematis 'Pink Fantasy'
Coleus 'Colorblaze Kingswood Torch'
Coleus 'Red Petticoats'
Cosmos 'Antiquity'
Cosmos 'Chocamocha' Got it - and killed it.....
Cyclamen purpurascens   - autumn flowering cyclamen
Echinacea purpurea 'Rubinglow'
Echinacea purpurea 'Vintage Wine'
Erythronium 'Pagoda' 
Euonymus alatus - common name Burning Bush
Euphorbia polychroma 
Heuchera Amethyst Mist
Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie'
Heuchera 'Tiramisu'
Helleborus hybridus‘Painted Bunting'
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Holehird Purple'
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Pfau' Blue
Lady slippers orchid - Cypripedium 'Reginae
Mahonia aquifolium 'Apollo'
Mahonia nitens 'Cabaret'
Mahonia eurybracteata 'Soft Caress''
Meconopsis x Sheldonii 'Lingholm' (blue)
Nemesia 'Raspberries and Cream'
Omphalodes cappadocica ‘Cherry Ingram’ Got it!
Omphalodes cappadocica ‘Starry Eyes’
Omphalodes verna
Omphalodes verna ‘Alba’
Philadelphus 'Manteau d'Hermine' 
Philadelphus 'Snow Dwarf'
Phormium 'Evening Glow'
Primula garryarde Guinivere
Rhododendron 'Grumpy'
Schizostylis coccinea 'Fenland Daybreak'
Skimmia Magic 'Marlot'


  1. Hi Helene
    Your wish list is impressive and quite large. I guess it would take some amount of thinning out to get even a small proportion of these in place, and when you love most of your current plants the task is impossible. I just about said I have the Lily Muscadet, but no! that was in my last garden, I do have a few of the others which I had potted up..

    1. I intend to squeeze in quite a few of these plants, at least those relatively small. As for roses, camellias and hydrangeas, probably just one or two of each! It is more a question of money than anything else really, as most of the plants cost between £5 and £20 it adds up quickly. It has taken 12 years so far to get where I am now, I am in no rush so the garden will develop as I am able to add to it – but most of the plants on my wish list are just lovely!!


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