Thursday 31 March 2011

31.03. Desiderata

Hello, it is the last day of this month and I am in a bit of a philosophical mood. I could make a post about the weather and the lack of rain we have experienced the last month, but having in mind how much I have talked about the weather lately I probably shouldn’t. Or, I could talk about my garden; I never grow tired about that topic! But...I thought I should spare you that tonight, just for tonight. What I have in mind is actually to talk about a poem. A poem! No, I haven’t gone mad, for those of you that know me and now wonder whether something really hard has struck my head today I can assure you that I am perfectly fine, safe and sound. I know I am not exactly famous for being a poetry lover....rather the opposite perhaps, but sometimes I read things that are said so well that I just have to keep it for....well, for a rainy day, for example? It didn’t rain today, wish it did, but I am going to share a well written kind of a poem with you, since I am in this philosophical mood tonight.

Saturday 26 March 2011

26.03. More rain please!

Hi, you know back in January, when I was complaining that it was raining and raining and never seemed to stop? Well...ehhh, I could do with a bit of rain now, like right now, as today! My garden is so dry at the moment, I actually had to drag the garden hose out and water the whole garden! In March! I know we will get some rainy days in April, we always do, but my garden couldn’t wait for that, there isn’t forecasted any rain until next Saturday, a week from today, and that’s only showers so might not amount to much after all. I pay for every litre of water I use, so I would of course much rather have the free stuff from above – and also, the free rain water doesn’t involve any work so I prefer it for that reason too :-)

Tuesday 22 March 2011

22.03. At Royal London

Hi, I hope you have had a good, interesting and productive day! I have had another time consuming day at the hospital, and yes, I am going to start this post with a bit of moaning today :-) I spend quite a lot of days per year at different hospitals around London, and quite often I think about how many hours I just waste waiting around doing nothing, when I could have been home wrapped up in bed or doing something useful. Take today for example, when I had an appointment for an endoscopy exam of my bladder – something I had been told was going to be very quick. This was my schedule:

Monday 21 March 2011

21.03. More clearing up

Hello, hope you haven’t been here too often the last week looking for a new post from me; I have had a very busy week and just haven’t had time to write anything. But here I am, back with an update :-) One of the things I have done the last week is to continue with clearing out the garden next door. I have filled up 15 large plastic bags with ivy, brambles and bluebells so far! The bluebells are the hardest to remove, as they have deep, large bulbs that have to be dug up. Simply removing the foliage won’t be enough, they will just come up again next year. 

Saturday 12 March 2011

12.03. The big clear-up

It’s been a lovely day today with a nice temperature and sunny intervals. I decided to get started on my new project; the garden next door. It’s going to take some time just to get the garden cleared and free of all debris, so that’s the first job on the list. But my first task today

Tuesday 8 March 2011

08.03. Next door garden

Hello, guess what, I got a phone call today from the owner of the house next door, and she gave me the thumbs-up for taking over the garden :-) It’s been an eyesore for years, so whatever’s being done to it will be an improvement; I just want a bigger garden to play with so I am really happy, even if it is next door! She asked if I needed some money for plants, which I had not expected at all, so I promptly asked for compost, bark, pea gravel and stain for the garden fence. She said yes to all of it, will get it delivered over the week-end..and would I like £50 for some plants too?!  It sounds like an excellent start to what I hope will be a

Monday 7 March 2011

07.03. My Cat

Hello again. Today was a really nice day with wall to wall sunshine and 14 degrees in the shade. In the sun it must have been considerably more as I was in my garden for several hours without a coat for the first time this year. My cat joined me as usual, he has his spot on the garden table where he can lie and keep and eye on everything going on, but today he was too restless to sleep as the pigeons have started their flying lessons for the chicks! None of the chicks has had any take-offs so far, not as I could see at least, but the parents keep flying between the roof and the tall tree in my garden to show the chicks how it’s done. In the next couple of days the chicks will be encouraged to do their first lift off and head for the tree, which they won’t manage; they never do, it’s just a too long a stretch, so they end up on the

Saturday 5 March 2011

05.03. More famous quotes

Hi, I thought I would share some more quotes with you today, I haven’t done that for a while. I collect quotes and aphorisms I find and write them down for later use, and I especially like those where the person who said it can be added to the saying; it makes the quote so much more meaningful. Sometimes I use the quotes I find on the greeting cards I make, you can see them on my web-site and download as many as you like for free, as long as the cards are not copied or downloaded for commercial use. Feel free to print and give the cards away, you can FIND THE GREETING CARDS HERE :-) I haven’t got any good photos to go with today’s topic, but since I already have mentioned my greeting cards I thought I would spread a few of them

Friday 4 March 2011

04.03. Filming my garden

It was a beautiful day today, with wall to wall sunshine and although the temperature never crept over 10 degrees, I had a great couple of hours outside in the garden. I made a short video with my camera; I don’t have a video recorder so this is made just with my ordinary camera. Apologies in advance for the shaky bits, I was walking whilst filming, as the zoom is not great at all – as you will see. I intended to give you an impression of what my garden looks