Thursday 20 June 2013

My Peonies

Just a little update on my peonies, as on my last post on the 15th they had just started to open up, now after a few days with quite warm weather they have opened up very quickly and I thought I would post some photos when they are at their best. Peonies don’t last very long, especially not in hot weather so it is a matter of enjoying them while they are here, it is a whole year till next time :-)

Saturday 15 June 2013

My garden in June

The cold, windy weather is back, this week has been a mix of everything mother nature can throw at us at this time of year, the only thing I haven’t seen so far is snow or hail. Yesterday it was so windy that taking photos was a real challenge, nothing kept still for more than a few seconds and I kept chasing flowers in and out of focus. Today has been a much better day with sunshine and a nice temperature, but as it is Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day it is time for recording what’s in flower right now, no matter what the weather is throwing at us.

Friday 7 June 2013

Purples and blues

We have had some lovely weather the last week, and the weather is set to last for some time with temperatures around 20 degrees C. Not exactly scorching summer highs, but from what we have had up until now it feels lovely! I don’t think my garden is catching up, it is just plodding on, everything being equally late as it emerges. My dahlias are barely out of ground, so are the Lobelia cardinalis, I think it will be well into July before I see any flowers on either. My lilies are in bud but are a long way away from their normal early June flowering.