Wednesday 31 December 2014

End of Month View - December

It’s the last day of December and the last day of 2014 – time for a bit of reminiscence about the past year and also previous years. Today I have been blogging for exactly 4 years and written 292 posts. What started as something I was a bit curious about has turned in to a nice hobby I am certain I will keep doing in the future. I am not the most frequent blogger, however whenever I do write a post I usually write really, REALLY long posts with lots of photos. I kind of put blogging to one side and do lots of other things between each post, but then I realise so much has happened in my garden since last post – and I want to show you as much as possible, and I end up with very long posts each time. Sorry if you are the type of blog reader that prefer one-liners and just one photo, not much of that around here!

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas from London

It’s ‘little Christmas Eve’ today, the day before the big day for many people around the world, or two days before the big day for other people, depending on which day you celebrate Christmas – if you celebrate at all. I used to celebrate Christmas on the 24th while still living in Norway, but after moving to Britain I have had to postpone the celebration a day, as the 24th is just a normal working day here. My Christmas celebration is mainly about spending the day with family members, exchanging gifts and having extra nice food I normally don’t have. But I also like to surround myself with light inside and outside in these dark, short days of December, while waiting for the days to get longer.

Monday 15 December 2014

December flowers

It’s time for another Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day post and I’d like to show you what’s flowering in my tiny London garden. Being December you might think that can’t be much but in my garden there is something in flower every single week of the year. December so far has been cold and we have had one night below freezing. That’s one night more than the whole of last winter – and winter last till end of February so I hope this is not a sign of a colder winter than usual. Despite temperatures between 2-8 degrees C the last 2 weeks the garden is still looking green and the spring bulbs are continuing to pop up everywhere.