Gardening has been an interest of mine since I was a child, and I have always kept some form of garden at every house I have lived in since I left home. Due to my father’s job as an army officer we had a rather nomadic life when I was a child, but I have certainly done my share of moving house as an adult too. Since birth I have lived in 24 houses and the house I live in now is the 12th house since leaving my parent’s home at the age of 16.....that's a lot of different gardens! The garden I have now is the third here in UK, before 1999 I lived in Norway. There I had all kind of gardens from a tiny balcony garden where I grew carrots in juice cartons to the largest one the size of two football pitches.

I moved into my current house in May 2015 and inherited an overgrown and neglected garden with some pretty nice trees - and some rather bog standard shrubs which was not really to my taste.  This is the largest garden I have had here in Britain and by East London standard it is fairly large at around 140 m2 or 1500 ft2 all in all.

A drawing of my garden can be found on the GARDEN DESIGN Tab, it will give you a better understanding of each part of the garden. More photos of my new garden will come here shortly, but you can see lots of photos on my ordinary posts.

I am keeping some of the info from my previous garden, it is so nice to have many years of photos and videos to look back on – so many memories! I lived at my previous house for 14 years and I grew as a gardener together with that garden – starting out knowing very little. These days, knowing much more about plants and gardening I realise how little I know, and how much more there is to learn!!

Below is a movie from my PREVIOUS GARDEN, movies from my current garden can be found on my HOME page under tag End of Month View posts or under the tag Videos.

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