To enable you to navigate around my garden I have made a drawing of the hard landscaping. More drawings will follow and will hopefully be updated as the work goes on in the garden. I made similar drawings in my previous garden and put in each individual plant on the drawing. I found over the years that this was not as useful, since my borders are filled to the rafters and it became too difficult to see what I had planted where. And between every plant I usually have bulbs to fill in the space – and if I after all that still end up with a tiny empty space here and there I would plonk in a pot before you could turn around. So a map of my garden with plants would only be accurate for a day or two…

I have therefore decided that the map of my current garden will not have plants, only the hard landscaping - and a description on what kind of plants each bed has. I have started to name some of the beds, the names might get changed before I am finished :-)

And here is how the sun shines on my new garden - only a gardener will understand how important that house is a one-storey bungalow so I get sun from sunrise in the front garden to sunset in the back garden. It took me a while to work out the aspect, it was easier in my previous, west-facing garden!

Just out of curiosity I have kept the drawing of my previous garden – the last one I made, which is from 2012, after which I gave up updating the drawing, I just had too many plants to go in and too many changes every time I updated the list. My previous garden was around 70 m2 in total including both front and back garden, that’s around half of what I have here in my new garden.