Friday 10 June 2011

10.06. New neighbours

Hello, Friday already, don’t really know where the week has gone, except that I have been very busy. I did intend to write here both yesterday and the day before, but I was too knackered to even sit down with my laptop, let alone produce anything half interesting…but tonight I have some photos for you at least. As you may know if you have visited my blog before, my big project for the last 4 months has been creating a garden next door. I did it first of all because I was so fed up looking at the jungle of weeds that grew higher and higher. And secondly to get rid of the foxes that thought that garden was an excellent place to hang out with their friends…and nip over to my garden on a daily basis to dig up my flowerbeds…ugh, I have had some really bad experiences with the family of foxes that congregated on my lawn for weeks as if they owned my garden. Only when I got really close to them did they jump over the fence back to next door. Not scared at all, just at a rather leisurely pace, as if to say ‘I can hardly be bothered doing this but since you are coming right up to me I will saunter off.’ Luckily, my plan has worked; since tidying up the garden, I haven’t seen or heard a fox at all :-)

The garden was made in a style to suit the tenant that rented the house, a single man in his early 50s. Unfortunately he has died, just 2 weeks ago, after being ill for a long time, and he never even got to see the new garden. The house has now been rented out again, this time to a family, and the couple renting has 3 children! The garden is not exactly suitable for 3 young children who probably would have preferred to have the whole area covered with grass….seems like the timing here couldn’t have been worse, I have been thinking of asking for permission to do up this garden for the last 2 years, and when I finally do it, the tenant dies and the perfect garden is no longer suitable for the new tenants. Hmmm…sods law, I guess. Anyway, it has been a bit of a journey, here are the photos chronologically; just hold your mouse over the right side of the photos so you can see the hand and the arrow, click and you will get each photo in order.

Well, that was my big project for this year, I doubt there will be any more big gardening projects this year; I am off to the hospital on Monday the 20th to have a hip replacement operation – more about that next week. I do however intent to continue my garden photos when I get back from the hospital, so that I can make the summer section on my web-site. The spring section of photos is just finished, YOU CAN FIND IT HERE.

I am afraid that’s it for tonight, short and sweet, more some other day. Until then, take care.

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