Monday 29 August 2011

29.08. My cat and a throw

Hello, how are you? Are you enjoying the last week of summer? Or are you wondering where on earth the summer has gone – again?! An average temperature of 20 degrees in London in August is…pathetic! No other word for it. I have my heating on every evening, in August! The winter will feel very long when last time we had 3 days in a row or longer with higher temperature than 25 degrees was back in May!! We can still have some great days in September, but it’s not really the same, the sun doesn’t take the same way and it doesn’t feel like summer, even if daytime temperatures can reach quite high in the middle of the day, in the sunshine, if you can find any sunshine, and if it isn’t too windy….well, I’m not too fussy after this summer, as long as it doesn’t rain much in September, I’ll be happy…although, as I am writing this, late August Bank Holiday Monday evening, it is 9 degrees outside. NINE!! Ugh.

Enough about the weather, here is a short and sweet video of my cat, who loves hiding under my throws. I have many of them, scattered around the house, and sometimes I don’t even know he has managed to crawl inside one of them, until I sit down and find him there. As you can see from this video, he has been sleeping inside this throw for a while, and was disturbed by me sitting down. Luckily I had my camera on the table next to me and managed to grab it just as he was crawling out. Usually, my camera is not there when I need it, but this time I was lucky :-) I haven’t had a picture or a video of my cat here on my blog for a long time, so I thought it was about time he made a come-back! Any annoying ads turning up whilst watching the video? Just click the X inside the ad and it will go away. For best quality, view in720p if your download speed permits it.

And now to tonights photos. I have promised you some photos I took last week-end for a while now, so I better start with them; two rose photos, one of the lovely rose called Peace and the other one of the rose Crimson cascade, my favourite colour. My roses are soon coming to an end now, they usually take a break at this time of year, almost as if they need to draw their breath after all the flowering since May…and then they can get on with flowering again all the way till I prune them in March, although there won’t be as many flowers during the autumn and winter as in spring and summer.

My last photo is of yet another small miracle in my garden. My strawberries have put on another round of flowering, in last week of August! Here is proof, more strawberries. I had strawberries from these plants back in June, when they are supposed to fruit, I don’t think they are supposed to do it one more time, and I have cut of all the runners; they are now new plants in separate pots, ready to be planted out early next spring, so it isn’t berries from any offspring either. Anyway, I am getting used to my plants not exactly following the rules, and I kind of like that – especially when it goes in a good direction! The ripe strawberry is no longer there…I ate it earlier today, and it tasted very sweet, probably because it has taken a lot longer to ripen than the strawberries did back in June when it was so hot. More please :-)

OK, you are up-to-date with my photos from my garden, now I would like to get some nice weather, a few days in a row without a drop of rain, so I can get some work in my garden done – possibly even have my lawn mowed :-) August is the quiet time in my garden, should be plenty of time to get a bit work done, if the weather permits that is, but it also means that I haven’t got an awful lot new things to take photos of just now. But I will be back when I’ve got something new for you, in the mean time, take care.

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