Monday 21 November 2011

21.11. Autumn web-site photos

Seems like we have reached the end of the nice autumn weather; today it was a very typical November London weather with 11 degrees, a chilly wind and dense fog. We have had this weather for the last couple of days, with disruption to both roads and all major airports so I suppose everything is back to normal then! I am happy as long as we don’t get any snow, and there is no snow in sight yet, in fact, the temperatures are staying well above 10 degrees the whole coming week and not much below during the night, so I guess so far we aren’t going to get any of the extreme winter weather we had the last 2 winters.

I have had a loooong day at my local hospital today, wasn’t meant to be that bad, as I was driving myself, don’t really need hospital transport to my local, it’s just down the road from here, about 1.8 miles and I am able to drive such short distances now. My appointment was 1:50 pm and I set off 1:15 to be sure I had enough time to find a parking space and walk in to the waiting area. I arrived at the reception at 1:40 and was asked to go and take a blood test first, which I did, no waiting time there so I was back and seated, waiting to be called in to see the doctor by 1:50. And I waited, and waited, and waited. After an hour I asked why other people who had arrived after me was being called up and not me, and was told they were waiting for my blood test results to come back….After 2 hours and 25 minutes it was finally my turn, and I was the last patient of the day so the doctor did give me the time I needed so I could ask all my questions, but by the time I left it was 5:00 pm. Then I had to go and book my next appointment and go to the X-ray department to book an ultrasound which I will have to go back and do on Thursday; that took another 20 minutes so by the time I had walked out to the car it was 5:30 pm. And when I hit the main road it was mayhem! Those 1.8 miles took 1 hour and 5 minutes, probably mainly due to the dense fog and the fact that it was 5:30 and rush traffic, and I wasn’t home until just after 6:30. A hospital visit just down the road from me had taken well over 5 hours and I was totally knackered. I crashed out on the sofa and slept for 3 hours, and have literarily woken up not that long ago and just had my dinner :-)

So that was my day; have you had an interesting, productive day? Speaking of productive, I did some work on my web-site this week-end, and I have uploaded the autumn photos from my garden. If you have visited my blog earlier you will know that my garden has been through a big transformation and the photos from this autumn show how the garden has progressed. You might have seen many of the photos before, but HERE YOU CAN SEE THEM ALL in the right order.

And here is one of the most recent photos from my garden, after the revamp. There is more to do, more plants to buy and half of the garden has not yet got bark, but that will have to come after Christmas when I can afford it. It’s no rush with the bark though; the weeds are growing very slowly during the winter so I’ve got a couple of months before I need to get that sorted. I also need to buy 3 new obelisks; for the two clematis’ and the honey suckle, they were all completely rusted so I chucked the two for the clematis’ when I cut them down and the obelisk for the honey suckle is threatening to collapse any moment. A bit of snow on top of it or a particularly windy day over the winter, and I think I will find the whole thing in small pieces on the ground. I have found some nice obelisks on the Internet which I hope will last a bit longer than the once I had, just need to save up for them as with anything of good quality meant to last… they ain’t!

OK, I think that’s it, I am just going to call it a night and go and find my bed. I think I could sleep for another 24 hours :-) See you soon, take care.

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