Sunday 26 February 2012

My son’s kitten is growing

Hi everybody, just a short post tonight, with some photos I took last Sunday when I visited my son. I have been busy in my garden every day since Thursday as the weather has been sunny and great. And even better, the nice weather will stay at least the week, with warmer weather, possibly 18 degrees towards the middle of the week :-)

And here are the photos for you, of my son’s kitten. She has grown to twice the size in these 6 weeks since last time I saw her! At almost 5 months she is like a torpedo running around playing before she passes out exhausted and sleeps for a while – and then it starts all over again! She still hasn’t got a name, my son had found a male name for the male cat he thought he had got – but when it turned out to be a female cat I guess that knocked the air a bit out of my son and he hasn’t come up with a new name yet :-)

That’s it for tonight, short and sweet. I am knackered after a long day in the garden. I will show you some photos about what I am doing in the garden later in the week, until then, take care!


  1. Aw, what a cutie! She looks like my Oreo cat--the sweetest cat I've ever had. That is so funny about him thinking he had a male and it's really female! That's the same thing that happened with our Ginger cat--we thought he was a female, but later discovered he's a male. He's a little stinker, but loads of fun. I think your 18 degrees translates to the low 60s F, which is ideal weather for garden work! Enjoy!

  2. Helene, you're going for the "cute" angle tonight. That's one very photogenic cat.
    I like the header. It does show the structure of your garden off to good effect.

  3. Cute kitty! I have a calico and she looks like this one except with more brown hair too! Jeannine


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