Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bold colours in my garden

Sorry for being absent for such a long time! Between long spells of migraine, dragging my feet through the start of the hay fever season, my usual aches and pains and my many hospital appointments I just haven’t been able to sit down and write anything. It has been a long period of glorious weather lately, although typically now coming to an end, right on cue for the Easter break. I have been able to take some photos of my garden the last week though, and I thought I would share them with you here.

My garden gets more and more colourful, although there are many plants yet to even emerge.

The Tulip 'Albert Heijn' is fully open in the sunshine....

....but close up every evening when the sun goes down.

This patch of fosteriana tulips became a bit bolder than expected...they were meant to be different shades of pink according to the photos, 'Albert Heijn' and 'Madame Lefeber' are their names, but the latter turned out to be bright red!

Here is 'Madame Lefeber' close up.

My camellia is still flowering, and a bird has taken a shine to it, spending every day sitting in between the branches. My cat can sit for ages keeping watch!

The crocuses have all gone from my woodland corner, and the anemones have taken over.

Most of the anemones are blue, but there are some pinkish and almost white in between.

My hyacinths have all gone over by now, but I took this close-up some days ago. The flowers look almost like candy :-)

And lastly, here is a photo of my garden taken from the opposite direction. In 2 months times these beds will be crammed with plants so you won’t even see that bark mulch.

And whilst I haven’t been blogging for 10 whole days, I have been doing a few other things. I have updated the garden section on my website, if you would like to see all the latest photos from my garden in the right order, YOU CAN SEE THEM HERE. I have also received my latest and 6th book from the printers, they arrived yesterday. This latest book of mine is not a gardening book, but a book commissioned by a friend of mine about her grandchild. You can SEE THE BOOK HERE. I am already thinking about what kind of book to make next, I have so many ideas – I just can’t decide yet!   

That’s it for tonight, March is almost over, April is a few minutes away....will we get some rain soon?? My garden is parched and I have to water with the hose every 3-4 days, quite unusual for March. See you soon, hopefully. Take care :-)


  1. Isn't it wonderful how spring transforms our garden? Your garden is just beautiful. Love the camellia! What a show of blooms!!! Your anemones are adorable, too.

  2. Even lovelier now than ever! I can almost smell your hyacinth and your pink tulips are heavenly Helene x

  3. Your garden is colorful and impeccable! Do you ever have any weeds? :-) I love the anemone in your woodland corner.

  4. Your camellia tree is gorgeous! I love your tulips - bright and cheerful!

  5. Such bright lovely colors in your garden...

  6. I had to chuckle at Spurge's comment--I was thinking the same thing. Your garden looks so organized and tidy. And the colors just pop! Take care of yourself, Helene. I hope you're feeling better.

  7. Hi everybody and thanks for your kind comments.
    Beth and Spurge: you ask if I ever have any weeds…eh, sure! But not that much to be honest, the bark mulch works a treat, it’s not there to make the garden look pretty, although I think it looks pretty too, but it suppresses the weeds very effectively and spares me hours and hours of weeding. I have made my garden so that I can garden when I want to and feel up to it, not when the garden needs it :-) Even last summer when I had my last hip operation, the garden looked fine without being touched for months. I can do a lot of work if I want to, but I don’t have to – exactly the way I need to have it :)

  8. Sorry to hear you haven't been so well. Your garden is looking fantastic. I love the winding path and the arch is made all the more special with being nice and wide. Hmm, April hasn't come in so good.