Tuesday 12 June 2012

The Illuminating Blogger Award

I keep apologising for not posting here very often, but tonight I have to come with a big apology: I was nominated for my second blog award nearly 3 weeks ago, and I have not yet done the required linking and thanks! I am still recovering from my recent pancreatitis so I guess I have a valid excuse, but the days and weeks are going very quickly so I thought I better write a post about the award before the whole thing gets forgotten.

First of all, a big thank you to Evelyn - Gone Tropical at Blogging in Myrtle Glen for nominating me, your support is so important to me, I am so sorry that I have not been able to be around lately; to your blog and all the other I usually visit. I will try to be a bit more active from now.

According to the Illuminated Blogger Award site, the Illuminated Blogger Award is a fabulous award that anyone can bestow on their fellow bloggers for illuminating, informative blog content. The rules are pretty simple:

  • Visit the award site and leave a comment that you were nominated and by whom.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you by posting and leaving a link to their blog.
  • Share one random thing about yourself in your blog post.
  • Select at least five other bloggers that you enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts and nominate them for the award.
  • Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog, including a link to the award site

And here is one random piece of information about myself:
I sleep till noon and go to bed usually around 2 am, sometimes later, sometimes much later. The photos you find on my blog are always from the afternoon, unless I take them very early in the morning, after dawn, BEFORE going to bed :-) (not sure if that’s called being a lark or an owl....)

I would like to nominate a whole bunch of excellent blogs, but I will keep to the rules and pick five random of a very long list of great ones, in no particular order:

Laura at Patiopatch

Bernie at Bushbernies Blog

Beth at Planpostings

Thanks again to Evelyn for nominating me for this award, I greatly appreciate being supported in this way.

And finally, some weather news from Britain, as most gardeners I am paying a lot of attention to the weather forecast all year round, but these days in particular, as the weather we have here at my end of the world is rather peculiar....well, that’s one word for it, I’m sure I could find other, less flattering words too! It has been raining almost nonstop since beginning of April, only interrupted with a brief spell of nice warm weather in second half of May, but it lasted oh so short before it was back to the rain, showers and rather cold weather. Yesterday the newspapers could inform us that the next 30 days will be the same; rain, showers and colder than usual, with only a day here and there without rain! Britain is drowning in the wet stuff at the moment, and there has been flooding many places. Fortunately no flooding in my part of London, not yet anyway! I am posting a photo from my garden; a bit different photo from my usual ones....this one was from yesterday when I braved the rain for a few moments to take a photo whilst hoping my camera would be OK despite the rain.

Friday is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I am going to try to take some pictures in between the showers the next couple of days to have some ready for Friday – I do have some plants in flower, although not as many as usual in middle of June, thanks to the cold weather and the rain. See you on Friday, take care.


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination. I hope you continue to recover well. I am sorry to hear about all the rain you have been having. But since you are recovering, perhaps it makes not going outside to work in the garden a bit easier to contend with.

  2. Hello Helene
    Glad you are feeling a bit better physically but mentally the non-stop raining must be getting you down. That's some puddle in your backyard.
    Congratulations on your Illuminated Blogger Award!! Good for you. And I love your "sleepy" random fact :)

  3. Dear Helene: Thank you so much! You take care of yourself now--don't exert yourself too much before you heal. I'm sorry you've had so much rain--please send some our way. I'm watering plants every day because of our shortage. Thanks, again, for the honor! Take care!

  4. Helene, I enjoyed reading your blog and hope you will stop by www.thedirtdiaries.com for a visit to my garden in the mountains of North Carolina. Cheers!


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