Sunday 8 January 2012

My son's beautiful kitten

My son got a kitten on Christmas Eve! A beautiful, sweet little bundle of joy and my son posted pictures of his new buddy on Facebook. I had to go and visit my son and see this little wonder of course, and the kitten was just as beautiful as on the photos, except my son’s new buddy turned out to be a little lady!

I don't think he is disappointed…hard to tell really, but my son has been calling the cat ‘he’ and ‘him’ for 2 weeks now so I think it’s going to take at least 2 weeks to get used to call the cat ‘she’  :-) I had to make a little movie of the kitten, of course – and you can see the movie below. Cutest kitten ever!
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I haven’t got any garden photos for you tonight; to be honest, I haven’t even seen my garden since Monday this week, don’t really know where this week has gone. Some weeks are like that – poof, and they are gone, before I know it. Next week is a bit more quiet, only two hospital appointments. Another couple of weeks now and I am going to order some plants and bulbs in for the spring. Then the fun can begin :-)
Sorry I am so brief tonight, more next time, see you then!


  1. don't you wish kittens stay kittens for a while longer ;-)
    adorable. what's her name now that she is not a he?

  2. Yes, she is adorable :-)
    As for a name, I don't think my son has gotten over the shock yet, being told that the kitten is a girl so I don't expect a name for her just yet! I think he and his girlfriend will have to find a really adorable name for this adorable cat. I’ll keep you posted :-)

  3. Cutisimo - shehe should meet our puppy.

  4. Oh my gosh, that kitten is so cute! Makes you want to have one, too, instantly. Seriously I am thinking about getting a cat for quite a while now, but I am not decided, yet. At certain times I travel a lot and that makes it hard to have any kind of pet :-(.

  5. Aw, so cute! It's so fun to have a kitten!

  6. The kitten is adorable! What a lovely little tuxedo cat! I agree with you that the fun will begin when we can start ordering new plants for spring!

  7. Hi Helene,
    Thanks for faving me on blotanical and for following my blog. I found your blog before I'd set up my profile properly, so I'm one of those grey silhouettes I'm afraid. Liked the kitten video. Looking forward to your next post.

  8. I can remember when our two where like that. They're a bit more slow and stately now...

  9. Kittens are so adorable, wish they were kittens a bit longer, just like newborn babies they grow up too fast :-) Wouldn’t mind having a kitten again myself, but my cat is 10 years old now and I think perhaps he would like to have a say in that!
    Crystal: I found you on my members list, even if you have a grey silhouette :-)
    And my next post will be here soon, hopefully on Sunday, being Garden Blogger Bloom Day – I’ve got lots of plants flowering, despite that it is January and I live in London. But who knows, I might write something before that, you just have to keep looking :-)

  10. Awww, what a cutie! Yes, I miss the kitten stage. Sometimes my grown cats still seem like kittens--they can be so sweet and cuddly!


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