Friday 27 January 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

There are weeks when I look back and I wonder…where on earth did that week go, how can it be Friday again ALREADY?? Last time I wrote anything here on my blog was….hmmm, yes last Friday, sorry, all of you who have been looking after new posts and not found any; there will be more frequent posts later in the spring. Some weeks my body, my head and I are very good friends and we cooperate quite well and we get things done, other weeks, like the week last gone, nothing seems to go according to plan, I spend most of the days and nights in bed and when I am up I don’t get much done. Winters are worse than summers, especially for my achy bones - and my arthritis is certainly better in the summer. I am soooooo looking forward to some spring sunshine and some warmth :-)

But I must say it was a bit heart warming when I received an email from Kevin, at NittyGrittyDirtMan, saying he had presented me with the “Versatile Blogger Award.” I am so honoured :-) I often visit Kevin’s blog, and I like his humour and wit, thank you Kevin for the award. This is my first Blog Award, and the first thing I did was to go through the list of the other 14 blogs he had awarded, which made me feel even more honoured!
The Versatile Blogger, that’s what this award is called, and me being me just had to look up the word….well, I know what versatile means, but sometimes you do get a bit of an a-ha experience by looking up a word, and I must admit, since English is not my native language I am still learning English – I still learn new words and meanings of words, every week! 
So here it comes; versatile:


Yep, my blog in a nutshell ! A bit of this, a bit of that, throw in a few videos, then some creative stuff I make when I have too much pain and want to find something to take my mind off it, a big dollop of garden photos, and then some rants when I feel like it, British Gas being the last one feeling the sharp end of my pen (sorry, keyboard), and finally, a peppering of photos of my cat along with my favourite food recipes and some computer tips. Versatile? Oh, I should think so :-) But I am far from alone being versatile on the Blogosphere, and one of the rules for getting this award states that I have to pass it on to 15 other deserving Bloggers, and that was easy enough – there are many deserving versatile blogs out there!

But let me explain all of the rules for you, before I forget that, my brain hasn’t really understood what we are meant to do tonight so I keep a list next to me, and the next, after intro, is explaining the rules. I didn’t make them, neither did Kevin who awarded me, not sure who actually came up with this award, these things tend to go round and round until so many people are awarded by so many people that it burns out by itself. But here are the rules:

1. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.  OK, done that, that's the green photo up there.

2. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.  OK, done that.

3. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
Hmm…well, not sure if anyone would be interested, but rules are rules…here comes random:

1. I have ‘clicky joints’ and my cat has a foreleg that clicks too, when he walks right behind me, we sound like a calypso orchestra! 
2. I am a very tidy person, so tidy that I have been told I am TOO TIDY. (Is that even possible??) I just think I am very organised :-) 
3. I love Brussels sprouts, here in the UK it seems to be something you are supposed to hate unless it’s 25th December, I could eat them all year round. 
4. Last summer I had my 10th operation, the 7th in the last 7 years, I am on my way to become the Titanium Woman. 
5. My garden is the most important room in my house and I spend more than 10 times as much of my time doing gardening as I do on housework (still, read number 2!). 
6. I spend around 60 hours a week on my computer, but I never play any games and I don’t have any games on my computer apart from those that came with Windows.
7. I have a 10 bedroom house in Cyprus with 2 swimming pools, a private beach, and 2 live-in staff – all of which a result of a 12 million pounds lottery win a couple of years ago. Only problem is that I only have this when I am in bed here at home, with my eyes shut doing my meditation. It’s a nice daydream though, the garden around my house in Cyprus is gorgeous, wish you could see it! 

4. In the same post, include this set of rules. Getting there :-)

5. Forward this award to 15 fellow bloggers, and inform them with a comment on each of their blogs.

And here is my list of 15 bloggers, they all thoroughly deserve this award, and so does many other of you so if you don’t find yourself on the list you might be nominated by someone else because there are so many VERSATILE blogs out there. My choices reflect my own interests; photography, graphic design, creative Photoshop work, and a bit of humour thrown in here and there.

Without further ado, in no particular order:

Laura from Edinburgh is an artist who loves drawing animals, especially dogs. Have a look at her incredible drawings and paintings!

Jeannine, a garden paparazzi on the hunt for the next beautiful masterpiece. Jeannine’s blog is quite new, but I enjoy her photos and I think it is important to support new bloggers and encourage them on their way.

This is Peter’s blog, from Scotsburn Nurseries, here you can find answer to just about any question you might have thought about asking, and some you might even never have thought about!

I love roses. No, I LOVE ROSES! This was an easy choice for me, Masha’s photos are just gorgeous.

And my next choice is therefore an obvious one; Holley’s blog at Roses and other gardening joys. Her photos are just stunning.

Laura at Patiopatch has some amazing photos and a bit of everything in terms of topics.

Head over to Foxglove Lane for some truly stunning photos!

I have followed Charlotte, the Galloping Gardener lately around Britain to all the famous gardens I would have liked to visit, and seeing her pictures makes me feel I am almost there.

Stop by Bernie’s blog from down under, amazing to see what grows in her part of the world, and she happily throws in birds, wallabies and all sorts of exotic (at least exotic to me, living in London!) creatures on her photos.

This blog is a magical one! Go and visit Evelyn’s Blogging in Myrtle Glen, her photos are just stunning and here are advice for lots of things related to gardening.

Nip over to Plantposting’s, to Beth’s blog and see gorgeous photos and read her tips and anecdotes. 

Larry’s blog is crammed full of stunning photos of his amazing garden, and you can follow what he does in his garden all year round along with his comments. I so wish I had a garden the size of Larry’s, all the things I could do!

Visit Indie’s RedHouseGarden, and see what she got in her garden. Not just flowers! She’s got practical and creative projects too and stunning photos to go with. 

Alice’s blog is a travelblog more than anything else, but often presenting must-see gardens and places with a horticultural interest.

And lastly; I have saved the best one to the last, Carolyn’s Shade Gardens. An obligatory stop for anything to do with Hellebores – and right now her blog is also filled with anything related to snowdrops. Ask questions, or read what other has asked, it’s all here – anything you can think of, accompanied by gorgeous photos. A must-see!

~~~~~   *   ~~~~~

That was my list of 15; all I need to do now is to contact each and everyone to let them know they have received the award so they can pass it on to someone else worthy. Thank you again, Kevin for giving me the award, I really appreciate the recognition. That’s it for tonight, I will try not to leave it too long before writing again – until next time, take care :-)


  1. Hey Helene: Thank you so much for the award. I am truly honored! I didn't realize you were dealing with physical challenges--more kudos to you for staying active in the garden! I chuckled out loud with your Cyprus anecdote--wouldn't that be wonderful?! Thanks, again, and cheers to you--definitely a versatile blogger!

  2. I had to chuckle ... your dream is Cyprus, mine is Mission Beach just a little further north! Exactly the same daydream just different locations!!! Love it!

    Thanks so much for the award. It was such a lovely surprise to be named amongst those other fantastic bloggers. I don't quite feel that I'm in the same league, as I'm such a big fan of all of them!

    Great to hear you positive spirit shining through despite the obvious difficulties you've had. It's amazing how invigorating and replenishing gardens can be!

  3. Helene, Thank you so much for honoring my blog with this award and saying such complimentary things. The blog is a lot of hard work and it is nice to know readers appreciate it. Even though garden bloggers are my favorite audience, I write my blog primarily for my nursery customers, so I really won't be able to follow the rules, but I will try to find a way to incorporate the award into a post. Thanks again, Carolyn

  4. Helene, I was so surprised and delighted to get your award today, also my first! Thank you kindly for thinking of me. I will have a very hard job just picking 15 as I love so many including your own!! Bear with me as I figure this one out.......again it was so sweet of you.

  5. My joints click, too! I could imagine you and your cat forming a clicking orchestra! :) Thanks for the award and congratulations to you!

  6. You are so nice Helene!! thank you, I feel honored and it sure makes me happy you like my small blog with the not so many words in its postings :-)
    ((sending you a big hug))


  7. Congrats on receiving the award. Nice job!

  8. Thank you to everyone for your kind words, and congratulations again to all of you who got nominated for the award, you were all so deserving winners :-)

    Keep blogging and taking photos!
    Take care.

  9. I really enjoyed reading your 7 bits of information. Perhaps when I'm settled in my Mediterranean manor, I'll jump on my yacht and visit you on Cyprus. I'm also enjoying exploring your list of nominations. Thank you for your kind words.

  10. Helene, sorry I am late in thanking you for the award. Congratulations on yours, you deserve it!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will definitely check out the blogs you've mentioned. Congrats on the award! I would love to have my daffodils blooming right now but will have to wait just a bit longer. :o)

  12. Hi Helene, I understand the pressure to post but 1-2 times weekly is probably enough anyway. Besides its the quality of your posts that won you the award
    we Londoners must stick together and although this time I decline, am most grateful that you thought of me :)

  13. Thanks for the award Helene. What a great surprise and honour. I still can't get over a cosmopolitan Londoner reading my blog. Congratulations on your blog, it's a beauty.

  14. NittyGrittyDirtMan: Kevin, you will be most welcome, both you and your yacht!
    And to all of you, thank you for your kind words, and – just to clarify, I am living in London, but I am not really a Londoner, and certainly not a ‘Cosmopolitan Londoner’, I had to smile when I read that, Peter, you don’t realise how far from the truth that description is! I come from Norway, and before moving to London I lived 9 years in a small village with 4400 people. Yeah, London is still a big city to me….even after almost 13 years here. I enjoy reading gardening blogs from all over the world, it is such a joy to see what a difference there is, but also all the similar things we experience.


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