Tuesday 25 January 2011

25.01. Full moon

Someone sent me an email the other day saying a belated Happy New Year and went on to say “hope you had a great holiday!” ....holiday?? What holiday? Have I had a holiday? Oh, the Christmas holiday we were all supposed to have had, that’s what she meant. You see, people who work tend to say things like that; have a nice Christmas holiday or Easter holiday....or just... have a nice week-end, for that matter. I know it’s just a matter of speaking for most people, and for them it is days off work and important time with their friends and family. But for me and a lot of people in my situation there is no difference at all between weekdays and week-ends. And there is no holiday at Christmas or Easter; the days are spent exactly the same way as the rest of the year. Sometimes I think about this, when a complete stranger at the till in Asda or some other supermarked has just greeted me ‘Have a nice week-end’ when I paid for my groceries...how different life is when you no longer work, no longer take part in what most people will consider ‘normal life’. Hmm...this was today’s piece of philosophical
deliberation :-)

On to the first photo for you, which is one I took last Wednesday, when we had a full moon, but I haven’t had a suitable post to put it on yet, so it’s been on hold for now. At this time of year the earth is closer to the sun, and therefore the moon gets lit up more by the sun and shines stronger in the night. It is, however, tricky to take photos of the moon; no amount of flash-light will ever reach to light it up, so just forget about the flash! And taking photos on a timer with a point-and-shoot camera can be successful with a certain amount of light, but in this setting you are just asking for lots of speckles from an over heated CCD sensor. So I have cheated a bit, and lightened the picture slightly in Photoshop. I haven’t added anything that wasn’t already there; it’s just that on the original it wasn’t possible to see the house – as you can see here; the house was actually on the photo, just not visible until a bit of Photoshop magic :-)

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet, I am working on a serious upgrade of my web-site...links for you when I am finished, but it will take a couple of weeks at least. I haven’t posted a photo of my cat for a good few days, perhaps it’s about time I had another one of him. Here is one I took last week, although he looks a bit...I don’t know, stern? Or like he is thinking of something? What do cats think about, by the way? I really would have liked to know! One day I am going to tell you the story about when my cat disappeared for almost 5 months, and then just turned up again as if nothing had happened! Yes, it’s true, not kidding :-) But that’s a long story, for some other day. Got to go and make dinner now. Take care, I’ll be back.

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