Sunday 2 January 2011

02.01. First of January....done

I blinked a couple of times, and suddenly 2010 was gone. How did that happen? Did the same thing happen to you? I wonder how many hours there are in a year...let me see...well, I mean hours available to do things, any kind of things. Considering I no longer work, I should have quite a few available, shouldn't I? Somehow it doesn't fee that way. So let me see if I can get this right, I wasn't an A student in math, but I wasn't too bat either. So let's do this per week first: there are 7 days with 24 hours, so that's 168 hours in a week. I sleep for around 9 hours every night so let's knock off 63 hours straight away...I can be quite inventive in my dreams, but I have yet to produce anything useful during my I am left with 105 hours per week. I eat 4 times a day; eating and food preparation all together is about...well, it depends really how inventive I am in the kitchen and for how long I sit down when I have a meal, but 3 hours give or take per day, is probably not a bad estimate, all in all. So that's another 21 hours off and I'm left with 84 hours a week to spend. That's exactly...TWELVE HOURS per day.
84 hours per week, which is 4368 hours per year. Four thousand three hundred and sixty eight hours which I had available in 2010 after sleeping and eating. Did I spend them well?? Hmmmm...about a third of the days of any month goes to dealing with my migraine, either in bed with drawn curtains, or on the sofa not doing much at all. And the amount of hospital and doctor appointments I have over the course of a year can be rather arduous. But the rest of the time I really do try to be...well, I think I can use the word productive :-) Although sadly, none of it brings in any money, yet. I keep hoping someone is going to discover my greeting cards, or my books, or some of my art posters. You never know, I might get discovered one day and become rich!

OK, so I probably won't become rich, I do realise that, but I actually enjoy making all the things I do on my computer, and it's quite nice when I get emails from people all over the world who has visited my web-site and gives word of encouragements. I have just checked the statistics for my web-site, and in 2010, just over 15.800 people visited my web-site. I think I only know personally around 30 or so of those people, the rest are completely strangers that have found my web-site mostly through a search via Google. Rather humbling to think about all those people looking through the things I just sit and make on my computer to keep me sane :-) When I say people from all over the world, I really mean literarily from all over the world. From my web statistics I can get all sorts of information; I must admit I don't understand all of it, but most of it is quite easy to grasp. Below is a list of which country people came from who visited my web-site in December 2010. Read on and be amazed...I was.

Who are all these people? How did they find me?! And, is there any country left in the world not present on this list? Leave me a message if you know, I am just curious to know whether the whole world has been visiting my web-site. Actually, I already know one country not on the list. North Korea. And there aren't many African countries on the list either. OK, so there might be a while till the whole world has been visiting me. But this was just last month, if I put all the months in 2010 together, the picture might seem different. But I won't fit that in here, will have to be in a different forum :-)

So with the first day of 2011 gone, did I spend that day well? Yes, I think so. I spent it mostly in front of my computer, but I can't tell you what I did, not yet, that's a bit hush, hush. I am working on a project which will be revealed in about 10 days time, and you're invited too, just pop in here and I'll tell you all about it, but for now it will have to be a secret, so it doesn't spoil the surprise for those I am making the project for. But I can tell you that I am waiting for a post delivery, and when it arrives I will take that delivery plus what I have made here and send it off to those who are to receive my project...and when I have got confirmed that they have received my parcel, then I will write about it here. Sorry to be so mysterious! Just don't want to spoil the surprise for them :-)

I think I need to wrap this up now, yesterday I ended my post with a picture of my cat, and perhaps I should do that today too?

You can't have too many pictures of cute cats, can you? No, sorry, that was a rhetorical question, no need to answer that one!

Here he is, making good use of one of my many throws. Yes, I know, he is really cute. OK, so...wrap up and close for today. I think I'll end like I did yesterday, à la Schwarzenegger...I'll be back.

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