Tuesday 4 January 2011

04.01. A creative day

I am constantly doing things I don't know how to do, that's how I learn how to do them. That's how I have learned to do most things I am doing these days, at least anything involving a microchip - which would be most of the electronic equipments in my house. No, this is not going to be a follow-up of yesterday's post about gadgets, I am just reflecting on what I have been doing today...I have done something I didn’t know how to do; I wanted to embed a slideshow of photos into a post here, and when I started out I had no idea of how to do that, didn’t even know if it was possible, and it has taken me quite a few hours to first sort out a suitable slideshow...for which there are hundreds and hundreds of on the Internet, most of them require a fee of some sort, but a few are completely free of charge. I found one eventually which I downloaded the template for, found some suitable photos on my computer, made the slideshow...and then I got to the difficult bit: how to embed the slideshow into this
blog! But as you can see, I got there in the end :-)

The idea behind the slideshow in the first place was to inject some sense of ‘This is what it will be like when summer is back’. We have had such a long, cold period now, at least in Britain, and probably in most parts of the northern hemisphere; I feel I have been cold since beginning of October, so this is my way of cheering us up. Is it working for you?? Today is 4th January, and for those who work normal business hours, it will be the first day back at work after New Year. It is 3 degrees and grey cloud outside. Ugh! Summer feels a long way away. But I know my daffodils will be pushing their way up and won’t be far away from being visible soon. Their display of flowers in February amazes me every year, and although it usually is quite cold still, it really is the start of the spring for me. 

The pictures in the slideshow are picked from two of my books; if you want to see the rest you can go on to my web-site and view them there. You will find a link to my book corner on the left side here. Today’s post is going to be short and sweet, enjoy the photos; I am off to do more things I don’t know how to do yet.
Take care, see you some other time.


  1. so I want to know how you embedded the slideshow? it is very nice. Thank you

  2. Hi Cherry, first you make your slideshow and upload it to somewhere, for example if you have web-space or anywhere you can store your files on the Internet. Note down the URL, the web-address for your slideshow once it is uploaded.
    Below is the tag line you need to put in your document, where you want your slideshow to appear, switch to html view and paste this in, swapping the words ‘your URL’ for the URL to your file.

    <iframe frameborder="0" height="550" scrolling="no" src="http://your URL" width="550">

    This is how to embed this particular slideshow, different types of slideshow might have different code.
    Good luck!


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