Saturday, 12 March 2011

12.03. The big clear-up

It’s been a lovely day today with a nice temperature and sunny intervals. I decided to get started on my new project; the garden next door. It’s going to take some time just to get the garden cleared and free of all debris, so that’s the first job on the list. But my first task today
was to take some photos of my own garden. 

As you can see, the daffodils are on their way out now and there are clusters of bright yellow everywhere. The camellia has also got lots more flowers, but I will post a picture of it when it looks even more impressive. The daffodils are the real start to the spring for me, I really like them, especially the scented one.
But here’s something you might not know about daffodils...did you know that humans share about 33% of their 30,000 genes with daffodils?? They share about 50% with fruit flies, 75% with dogs and 98.5% with chimpanzees; but daffodils?! Oh well, isn’t it amazing what you can find on the Internet when just looking around :-)
Now, let me show you what I have done today: Ta - dah! I have cleared about 2 square meters of the garden next door, starting from where the gap in my fence is. For now I have just placed the fence panel slightly behind the next one, but I don’t think I want it like this permanently so I will look into what I can make as a better solution. The debris was a mix of brambles, grass, bluebell bulbs and ivy. The ivy and bluebells are particularly important to get out of the ground because I am putting down a liner everywhere, both on the areas where the plants are going and where the gravel is going. It is very annoying when, one year after doing all the hard work, lots of bluebell leaves are trying to get through the liner because some of the bulbs were left in the ground! 

Here you can see the opening in the fence from my garden, and I think I will place a few stepping stones in my bed so the access will be a bit better. Later in the summer there will be 3 dahlias coming up right where that opening is, so I might have to just dig them up and find a new place for them, otherwise they will just be knocked over.
And here is a photo from inside the next door garden; you can hardly see all the work I have done to the area in front of the shed! But as you can see; plenty of more work to do, and if I can clear 1-2 square metres every day I am outside, it will be great. Mind you, this coming week I will be rather busy...I might be able to do some gardening tomorrow, but from Monday and onwards I have something every day so next opportunity to do some gardening will probably be next Saturday – if it’s not raining. For someone who’s medically retired I am a rather busy person :-)

I’m afraid that’s it for tonight, I have ordered a take-away pizza, something I rarely do, but I thought I deserved that tonight after today’s good work :-) I better round up before the pizza is delivered. Until next time, take care.

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