Friday 4 March 2011

04.03. Filming my garden

It was a beautiful day today, with wall to wall sunshine and although the temperature never crept over 10 degrees, I had a great couple of hours outside in the garden. I made a short video with my camera; I don’t have a video recorder so this is made just with my ordinary camera. Apologies in advance for the shaky bits, I was walking whilst filming, as the zoom is not great at all – as you will see. I intended to give you an impression of what my garden looks
like at the moment, I think this piece of film will do that. I will make another film in June so you can see the huge difference 3 months makes. (Make sure you have the sound on your computer turned on :-)....and any annoying ad banners can be removed by clicking the x inside the ad.)

All the pots you just saw along the path on the side are plants that eventually are going in the beds. Some are cuttings from other plants, some are new bulbs I have just bought and some are plants I have moved from a different location which I need to keep in pots for one season before they get a final new place to stay. This year I need to take a lot of new cuttings, because I might get twice as big a garden soon! I might get a deal with the owner of the house next door, the place with the foxes you know, that I can do up that garden and keep maintaining it. That garden is slightly smaller than mine because it has a huge shed and a much larger patio, but it’s still a massive blank canvas for me to get stuck into. Can’t wait to get started :-) Just need to sort out a way to get access to the garden, as none of us have side access or a back entrance to our gardens. I suppose the easiest way is to remove one of the fence panels between us, but I don’t really want to have it like that permanently, so I am looking into the possibility of making a gate in the fence instead. That would be very practical for me, and I don’t mind having a gate, it can always be removed at a later stage should it be necessary. So now I am just waiting for a phone call from the owner to let me know if I can go ahead with their garden. It is a total jungle, so nothing can be planted until it is cleared. If I get the go-ahead I’ll post some pictures of the progress here :-)

I am afraid that’s all for tonight, enjoy the movie...and if you wonder what the lovely music’s taken from Mahler’s Symphony No 1 – 2nd movement. Take care.

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