Monday 7 March 2011

07.03. My Cat

Hello again. Today was a really nice day with wall to wall sunshine and 14 degrees in the shade. In the sun it must have been considerably more as I was in my garden for several hours without a coat for the first time this year. My cat joined me as usual, he has his spot on the garden table where he can lie and keep and eye on everything going on, but today he was too restless to sleep as the pigeons have started their flying lessons for the chicks! None of the chicks has had any take-offs so far, not as I could see at least, but the parents keep flying between the roof and the tall tree in my garden to show the chicks how it’s done. In the next couple of days the chicks will be encouraged to do their first lift off and head for the tree, which they won’t manage; they never do, it’s just a too long a stretch, so they end up on the
ground in the garden instead...accompanied by a barrage of noise from the parents to warn them of the danger they are in.   

I did manage to take some pictures of my cat though, in between him drooling over the pigeons flying over his head. I have put them into a film, so make sure your sound is on, click the X inside any annoying ads that might pop up, and just enjoy the pictures :-)

I thought I would share two of the pictures with you, the close-ups of my cat - feel free to download them to your computer as long as you use them solely for your own, private use. This is how you do: click on one of these pictures and you will get a larger version. Right-click on that larger version and choose <Save Image As>, or something similar, it depends on which browser you use to go on the Internet. When you have clicked you will get a dialogue box asking you where you want to save the image, choose a place where you will find it later, for example your desktop. To get back to this page, use the back-button in the top-left corner. If you want both pictures, repeat the process for the second image.

Isn’t it amazing what pictures you can get out of a £150 point-and-shoot digital camera? I have always wanted a digital SLR, but with appropriate lenses that is an outlay of more than a grand...and then comes all the other things that follows, bigger flash cards, a sturdier tripod, a bigger camera bag etc...Ohhh, I know how things tend to pile on when you upgrade. It’s never just the initial cost, it’s a lot more to come afterwards. I think a digital SLR is going to be one of those investments that are forever going to stay on a wish list. But I am impressed with my Canon Powershot A650, both the photos I can get and the videos…and it certainly helps to have such a photogenic cat! I like taking pictures of him, I hope you are enjoying the photos too :-) That’s it for tonight, I am off to find my bed. See you next time, take care.

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