Sunday, 3 April 2011

03.04. Finished next door!

Hi, I had actually decided not to write anything today, have a break and just watch TV – being Mother’s day and all :-) But, having been outside in the gardens most of the day, and taken several good photos, I really couldn’t miss the opportunity to show you what I have, here is a short post after all!

Firstly, the next door garden is finally clear from weeds!! It’s taken a month, but blimey -  the transformation is well worth the time and effort. I haven’t started the mapping out yet (see Friday’s post) will do a bit tomorrow if I get the time. Click on the photos to get a larger version, use the back button to get back here.

As you can see from these photos, the garden really is just a blank canvas that has to be filled and really quick too, as the weeds have already started growing in those parts I cleared first. A weed-liner is first on the list, after I have found out where the beds can safely go.

And here is my garden, after I finally got the mower out :-) The first year’s mowing is always a bit difficult, and the lawn is a bit patchy, but if we can get some rain for a few days now it will soon perk up. I had to do a serious watering today, dread to think how much water I actually used, as I pay per litre, but my garden is so dry now that some of the larger shrubs are really suffering. The plants in the containers have already had to be watered several times this week, as they dry out more quickly. I guess a good drench for 3-4 days would help – a bit, but it doesn’t seem like we are getting that for another week at least. In fact, we are going to get splendid weather the next 5 days, lots of sun and close to 20 degrees :-) I can see the hose coming out at least one more time before next week-end....

There are things happening all over my garden at the moment, here is one of the later daffodils, Narcissi Geranium, which is also scented. Looks lovely and starts to flower when all the yellow ones are just about to fade away.

OK, I told you this one was going to be short, and it will! This is it, more another day. Until then, take care.

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