Friday 8 April 2011

08.04. The week gone?

Oooops, where did this week go?! Last time I sat down to write here was last Sunday, and I have barely been on my computer all week! I have been to the hospital 3 days this week, the third day today, and today I went to see the physiotherapist. That 30 minutes visit took me almost 6 hours, between hospital transports from home in to Central London and back again through the Friday rush traffic, but there was also waiting here and waiting there so when everything is added up it took 5 hours and 50 minutes from when I left home till I was back again. much wasted time I could have spent sitting in my garden enjoying the sunshine. After a day like that I am no good for anything really, but I thought I should try to get a few words down here at least.

We have had an astonishingly glorious weather here this week and the weather seems to be continuing. I am not complaining about warm, nice weather, I have been waiting for it for the last 5 months! garden is so dry now that I have to water several times a week. That’s extra work of course, but apart from that it costs me money. The free stuff from above would have been far better! As you can see from this weather forecast I nicked from, there isn’t much hope of a drop of rain for a loooong time...Shame, it would have been great if it could rain during the night and be nice weather during the day, that would have been perfect! Click on the picture to get a larger version, use your back-button to get back here.

Do you remember I wrote about the dog two doors down that is so curious every time I am working in the garden next door? Well, he finally managed to tear a gap in the fence and pop his head through! He looked so sweet so I just had to take a photo of him :-) The owner was there whilst all this was happening, luckily, because I think the dog could have easily just jumped over the whole fence in excitement, as pit-bull terriers are known to be able to jump really high from a stand still. This dog is not fully grown yet, probably hasn’t found out yet what he can and can’t do, but you should have seen his face when he finally managed to pop his head through the was an expression of pure triumph!

And how did my cat take all this excitement? In his cool, calm and laid-back usual way...not really interested at all! I think cats know full well that dogs don’t represent a danger to them; that dogs can’t climb and jump like they can and therefore any cat can easily get away from whatever danger a dog might pose on the ground. He is rather alert in this photo, but that’s only because the pigeon chicks have all learned to fly now, so we have an enormous traffic going between the roof and the tall conifer in my garden. Take-off and landing are still a bit dodgy at times, but at least there are no more crash landings on the grass in the middle of my garden – the chicks seem to last the whole fly-path and land in the tree at least. Not always in the most elegant manner, but certainly out of danger from my cat - who wouldn’t say no to a pigeon on the menu if offered :-)

Tomorrow I have no appointments – being Saturday, I am not leaving the house and I have nothing I really need to do indoors, or nothing that can’t wait. The updated forecast for Saturday and Sunday is full sun and 22-23 degrees. I intend to spend the days in my garden enjoying everything that is happening at the moment :-) I’ll see you next time I got a minute to spare writing here again, until then, take care.

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