Saturday 9 April 2011

09.04. Cats in ads

Hello, would you like to see a really cool ad? It has been going on TV here in the UK for a while, but you might not have seen it, or maybe you are a visitor from a different part of the world and therefore haven’t had a chance to see it? Or perhaps you just don’t watch a lot of TV...or perhaps you have seen it before, but if you have I am sure you found it so hilarious that you would like to see it again, forward the link to your friends and possibly come back here some other day just to see it one more time? Yeahh, I think so :-) Oh, and by the way, all the films here can be watched in full screen view (the button in the lower right corner of the movie), and if you get any annoying ads, just click the x inside the ad and it will go away. Here it is, enjoy!

When we are into YouTube movies and cats, did you see the one from IKEA last year? That was a gorgeous ad...they released 100 cats into one IKEA shop, and spent a whole evening filming them...and the rest of the night looking for them and clearing up after them so the shop could open at 10 am next day! Here it is if you missed it:

Do you wonder how on earth they managed to make this advert? Here is another YouTube film, viewed buy almost 3 mill people (!!) which explains how they did it!

Beautiful, isn’t it? How do they come up with this stuff? And how could IKEA come up with something as lame as this year’s ad after making such a lovely ad just a year ago?? Oh, you haven’t seen this year’s IKEA ad yet? In that case I can tell you that the theme is “who is the most messy, men or women?” ....!!! It’s all in the name of selling wardrobes and cupboards, but....really?? HERE IS A LINK FOR YOU, IF YOU CAN STOMACH IT....

OK, that’s it for tonight, no garden pictures or lengthy reports about what’s flowering and what’s not flowering...thought I should spare you that tonight, but I will be back with fresh photos from my garden next time! Take care.

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